Personal Tax

We will help ensure that your wealth is maintained over the long term – and across the generations. We have the experience to help you understand the issues and explain the options, regardless of how complex they may be.

Areas we cover include:

  • Self assessment tax returns

We will help you prepare your annual return to HMRC, ensuring you pay the minimum required. We will also calculate your liability in advance, giving you ample opportunity to prepare for receipt of the bill.

  • Tax planning advice

We take a practical approach to your tax affairs, advising on and dealing with all the elements available to ensure your tax liability is kept to the lowest possible level.

We can help formulate a plan to deal with all of the following areas:

HMRC can investigate individuals at any point and this takes a lot of time and effort for those involved. At Milsted Langdon we can help whether it is a routine HMRC enquiry or full tax investigation.

Different tax laws apply to foreign nationals living and working in the UK. Because of this it is important the right tax rules are applied to check you are not paying too little or too much! This includes:

  • Advice to non-UK domiciled individuals
  • Exploitation of double tax treaties
  • Advice to directors and senior employees

There are many ways to retain and attract the best staff. Looking at the options can add value to the employer and employee and provide excellent tax breaks. These include:

  • Share schemes
  • Tax efficient remuneration
  • NIC planning
  • Advice in special circumstances

At any point in your life you may need help sorting out your personal tax affairs. No matter what your circumstances are, it is vital you speak to an expert. Areas we cover include:

  • Tax implications of divorce or separation
  • Emigration and immigration
  • Insolvency

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