For IP Negligence Claims

When insolvency practitioners are involved in disputes concerning their own work, mediation is as good an option for them and their insurers as for anyone in such a position.

We are also experienced in dealing with those who are unhappy with the service they have received from insolvency practitioners and have successfully mediated related claims.

In some cases, the greatest barriers to settlement can be the level of costs and a break down in communication between the parties. An early mediation, when costs are relatively low, is not only a good opportunity to achieve a settlement but also gives the parties an efficient route for exploring each other’s respective positions.

Negotiating a settlement at an early stage can minimise costs and ensure that a commercial outcome can be achieved, if at all possible.

Using a mediator who is an insolvency practitioner means that the issues at stake will be quickly understood and that the prospects of an effective and efficient settlement can be maximised.

At Milsted Langdon, insolvency practitioner and mediator Roger Isaacs leads our mediation team. Roger is accredited by the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the leading mediation groups in the country.

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“Roger’s keen analysis of a dispute allows him to see through to the heart of the issues. His calm and straightforward approach builds trust quickly and aids settlement.”
Anna Phillips, Associate, Property Litigation, Foot Anstey

“Thank you for yesterday. One never knows the whole story, of course, but on what I saw, I can only say my client owes you a lot.”
Mark Fitch, Hatch Brenner solicitors

“Initially we were fairly sceptical about the value of mediation, but were pleasantly surprised by Roger’s pragmatic and commercially-minded approach to the proceedings.”
Melanie Davy, Business Computer Projects