Accountancy mediation

Many commercial disputes are arguably better suited to being mediated by an accountant than by a lawyer.

Those with experience of mediation or litigation will know that, although legal argument will always be important, there are often other key drivers in any negotiated settlement.  Often each party to a dispute will think it has the stronger case and each may be encouraged in that belief by their legal advisers.

That said, most solicitors will also freely admit that going to trial can be a lottery.

For that reason, having a mediator with a good understanding of the legal framework but whose strength is his commercial awareness and financial expertise, can maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

Mediation is not simply about horse-trading but often financial aspects of a case can be of as much relevance as the legal aspects.  Indeed financial expertise will be particularly relevant to:

  • Accountancy fee disputes
  • Accountancy negligence claims
  • Disputes arising from the purchase or sale of accountancy practices
  • Disputes in relation to Completion Accounts or Deferred Consideration on a business sale
  • Disputed debts
  • Insolvency related disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Fraud cases

Roger Isaacs has considerable experience in all these areas and is willing to mediate at short notice at a competitive fixed fee.

“Roger’s keen analysis of a dispute allows him to see through to the heart of the issues. His calm and straightforward approach builds trust quickly and aids settlement.”
Anna Phillips, Associate, Property Litigation, Foot Anstey

“Thank you for yesterday. One never knows the whole story, of course, but on what I saw, I can only say my client owes you a lot.”
Mark Fitch, Hatch Brenner solicitors

“Initially we were fairly sceptical about the value of mediation, but were pleasantly surprised by Roger’s pragmatic and commercially-minded approach to the proceedings.”
Melanie Davy, Business Computer Projects