Non-domiciled individuals

Non-domiciled individuals or ‘non-doms’ are individuals who live in a country but are not considered domiciled in that same country under law. For many years, non-domiciled status has allowed people to obtain significant tax breaks in the UK and beyond.

However, Important changes for non-doms will take effect on 6 April 2017 – and it is crucial to ensure that you are fully aware of these changes and understand how you, your earnings and your tax liabilities will be affected.

How Milsted Langdon can help

Our international tax experts at Milsted Langdon can advise non-domiciled individuals on how to mitigate their UK tax burden. Through our connections with the international accounting alliance MGI Worldwide, Milsted Langdon can also support you by calling on the expertise and specialist skills of similar professional firms across the globe.

We can determine the wider implications of any tax changes affecting non-doms and explain how we might be able to help you to mitigate Income Tax, Inheritance Tax (IHT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and more.