Business growth

Strategic acquisition

Business growth may not always be organic. We can work with you to help identify target businesses that meet your strategic criteria, preserve initial anonymity and ongoing confidentiality throughout a sensitive process.

Raising finance

We can give you an initial assessment of the likelihood of securing – and the best source of – funding for organic growth or growth through acquisition.

We are experienced in preparing, assessing and submitting successful applications for funding and our experience and independence means we can negotiate on your behalf to secure advantageous terms.

If you would like a free assessment, together with an example business plan and projections model, please contact a member of our corporate finance team.

Grant funding

We have the experience and expertise to help you identify and source grant funding for the benefit of your business.

Mergers, joint ventures, consortia and franchises

Our corporate finance specialists can provide expert advice on opportunities, risks, value and structure to optimise the end result.

We are happy to meet with you initially on a free, no obligation basis to discuss how we can help you. Please contact a member of our corporate finance team if you would like more information or to arrange a meeting.