VAT consultancy

We offer an extensive range of VAT services. We can provide expert advice on a wide range of VAT issues from the routine completion of VAT returns to more complex rules covering areas such as property or business acquisitions and disposals.

Our specialisms include:

Timing of tax registration or deregistration can make a considerable difference to any business profit margin. Our team of experts can help you make the right decision and avoid any unnecessary penalties.

With considerable experience in the area of VAT on land and property transactions, Milsted Langdon is able to provide detailed VAT advice on property development and for those in the construction industry.

VAT visits
Offering a review of a business’s VAT affairs ensures that matters are being dealt with properly. Should your business receive a visit from HMRC, you will know that any inspection will not throw up an unexpected VAT irregularity.

VAT & e-commerce
The onset of the internet means that many business transactions are carried out electronically. The VAT treatment of goods and services ordered over the internet is no different than the more traditional methods with records needing to be kept and in a form that can be converted into a legible format.

In addition, e-commerce may involve overseas transactions and if you are unsure of the VAT status of such goods and services, getting advice from our team of VAT experts is advisable.

The place of supply for digital and electronic services made directly to consumers outside the UK is where the consumer resides.  This means a business could have an obligation to register for VAT in that consumer’s country of residence.  Suppliers can minimise registration compliance by using HMRC’s Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) to register for VAT in more than one country at a time.  For more information on what constitutes a digital service or whether the place of supply rules apply to your business please contact our VAT team.

Electronic returns
With a few exceptions, all businesses must submit their VAT returns online. The team at Milsted Langdon can access a client’s accounting system to either complete the VAT return on their behalf or review a completed return prior to it being sent.

We can also advise on:

To find out how our tax specialist can help minimise your company’s tax burden please contact us.

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