When a commercial dispute arises, finding a solution other than going to court is often the best course of action.

At Milsted Langdon, our team of specialist mediators, including an insolvency practitioner, has a proven track record of resolving commercial disputes, based on an ability to empathise with all parties involved.

By keeping things fair and objective, our mediators instil a sense of reality into any dispute, which is key to a successful settlement.

Heading the mediation team is Roger Isaacs. Roger is an insolvency practitioner and qualified mediator, accredited by the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the leading mediation groups in the country.

His skill in reaching settlements is well-known across the South West and he has considerable experience in commercial dispute resolution.

Advantages of mediation

Mediation has many advantages when used at the right time. It works best when:

  • There are several parties to the dispute and negotiation by correspondence is difficult
  • Those involved want to preserve a relationship, which litigation is likely to damage
  • Bringing together the principals in the dispute would speed up negotiations
  • A settlement could be based on a commercial non-cash offer
  • The cost of litigation is likely to be prohibitive in relation to the issues at stake

Deal mediation

Deal mediation is becoming increasingly popular. It works in the same way during the negotiation of a deal as commercial mediation does to resolve a dispute.

Used when corporate negotiations fail to find a deal that both parties are happy with, the mediator is employed as a neutral third party to try and facilitate the deal.

Working confidentially with both parties, the process can quickly determine whether or not a deal is possible or can be used to unlock stalled negotiations.

Mediation services – what our clients say

  • Roger's keen analysis of a dispute allows him to see through to the heart of the issues. His calm and straightforward approach builds trust quickly and aids settlement.

    Anna Phillips

    Property Litigation, Foot Anstey

  • Thank you for yesterday. One never knows the whole story, of course, but on what I saw, I can only say my client owes you a lot.

    Mark Fitch

    Hatch Brenner Solicitors

  • Initially we were fairly sceptical about the value of mediation, but were pleasantly surprised by Roger’s pragmatic and commercially-minded approach to the proceedings.

    Melanie Davy

    Business Computer Projects