Matrimonial disputes

Our forensic accountants are experienced in advising in the following areas:

  • Drafting questionnaires
  • Business and share valuations
  • Cross-border divorces
  • Evaluation of financial standing
  • Liquidity reviews
  • Tax implications of divorce and advice on tax-efficient means of dividing assets
  • Assistance with the completion of the Form E
  • Investigations
  • The interaction of ancillary with POCA and confiscation orders
  • Assessment of real earnings
  • Pensions splitting

At one end of the spectrum, we have experience of providing cost-effective advice in relation to small family businesses and at the other end we have assisted with the valuation of complex multi-million pound international groups of companies.

We can assist in the “fact finding mission”, the analysis of available information and the valuation of businesses by:

  • Advising on the value of a business whether it be incorporated or unincorporated
  • Assisting in the gathering of financial evidence and the identification of any “suppressed” or “hidden” assets/wealth
  • Advising on taxation issues, in particular the different critical dates for cessation of marriage for capital gains tax and inheritance tax purposes. We can advise on capital gains tax where chargeable assets are divided between the parties
  • Advising on specific areas such as pension considerations
  • Assessing the liquidity of a business or a particular party i.e. whether and how monies can be extracted from the business
  • Advising in settlement negotiations, including the establishment of trusts and the investment of funds, so as to maximise and safeguard the wealth of both parties

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Meet the team

Roger Isaacs
Roger Isaacs
Forensic Partner
Helen Gregory
Helen Gregory
Forensic Director
Tanya Contreras
Tanya Contreras
Forensic Manager
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes
Forensic Manager