Cost Management Service

Negotiating the best prices for utilities, consumables and other overheads can be a time-consuming and thankless task.  Thanks to our association with Auditel, the UK’s leading cost and purchase management consultancy, we can help reduce your costs with a flexible fee structure with an option that ensures that you are never financially worse off.

We practice what we preach and piloted the Auditel service within our own practice, achieving savings of 26 per cent on office consumables, 25 per cent on utilities and 18 per cent on archiving.

Having successfully tested out the service, many of our clients now use Cost Management to reduce their own overheads. A large number of businesses have reported achieving savings of over £100,000 per annum, through reductions in strategic areas of spend such as freight, couriers, shipping, merchant cards and packaging.

Our experienced consultants are specialists in tendering and negotiation and have access to significant buying influence within the market. Using their specialised systems and industry knowledge, they are capable of analysing, tendering and achieving savings in most areas.

The objective of the service is to always be completely self-funding and leave the client with a profit. This is achieved through a fee structure that is both flexible and fair and best suited to the client.

We are happy to work on a retainer or contingency basis or on fixed fee projects. The contingency payment method is risk-free for your business. If we cannot make savings then we will not be paid. You, on the other hand, will have the assurance that your business is managing its costs as efficiently as possible.

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