Audit services

Our audit teams are used to carrying out a commercially focused audits that both exceed the statutory requirements and deliver practical benefits; including identifying commercial opportunities and alternative ways of doing business. We can offer a fresh perspective on your organisation and its activities.

A risk-based approach

We follow a risk-based audit approach. Each audit is tailored to the particular client and designed in response to the risks we identify. In order to be efficient and effective we focus on those areas where we consider the risk of misstatement is greatest and correspondingly reduce the level of testing in those areas where material misstatement is unlikely to occur.

We believe that ongoing dialogue between management and your advisors is important. This feedback loop creates a virtuous circle, whereby the deeper our understanding of your business and your issues, the more efficient and effective our audit becomes.

Our approach is flexible, enabling us to tailor our programmes of work to the organisation. We rely neither on analytical review nor on wholly substantive testing but instead a blend of the two. We use data analytical tools where appropriate and draw on the technical capabilities of our Business Intelligence team to extract and analyse this information.

What makes us different

In addition to auditing large corporates across a range of industry sectors, we also have considerable experience of providing audit services for legal and medical practices, chartered surveyors and charities.

We employ project management skills and tools to ensure we deliver an efficient audit. We will agree well in advance of the audit a detailed timetable with you, along with a detailed information request; specifying the supporting schedules and information we will need.

Wherever possible, we look to use the insights gained from the audit process to add value to our clients’ organisations by suggesting changes to processes or methodologies which we consider may be beneficial.

Our well-established and experienced audit teams are engaged to carry out the audits of many of the region’s larger owner-managed companies and groups.  Click here to find out how we could help you.

Details of Milsted Langdon’s audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number: C001746637.

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