International trade

Xero Trade and Construction SpecialistExpanding offshore presents real opportunities for new and established businesses seeking to grow or to reduce costs.

But when business activities cross national boundaries, expert advice is essential to maximise tax efficiency and compliance.

All cross-border transactions have tax implications. Some may be straightforward but others can be highly complex and most of our clients who are involved in international trading seek support from us to ensure that the potential pitfalls of unexpected tax liabilities and missed tax planning opportunities are avoided.

If you are planning to move or trade into a new overseas territory, our early involvement will enable us to help you with key issues such as double taxation agreements. We can also provide offshore structuring advice, tailored to your circumstances and the jurisdiction you are dealing with.

Transfer pricing can also be a significant issue for multinational groups that conduct cross-border business, with most countries having rules in place to govern transactions between connected parties to prevent, for example, profits being moved from a high tax country to a low tax country.

Whether you are running a UK company or a UK subsidiary of an overseas firm, we can advise your business on transfer pricing issues, to help protect challenges from the tax authorities and give you certainty over internal prices and costing arrangements.

VAT is also a key concern for many businesses that trade internationally. We have particular expertise in all aspects of cross-border VAT relating to imported and exported goods, including place of supply and EC sales lists.

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