WiFi services for care homes

Access to the internet can make a real difference to the lives of older people, including those living in care and nursing homes.

Research has shown that 86 per cent of over-55 who use the internet said it had improved their lives and 81 per cent that it made them feel part of modern society. Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) said it helped reduce their feelings of isolation.

Using the internet to write an email, access a social networking site or chat via Skype or Google+ Hangouts are great ways for older people to stay connected with family and friends, wherever in the world they may be.

The internet also makes it easy to shop, find information relating to hobbies and stay informed about current affairs or personal interests, all activities that enhance older people’s independence and control over their lives.

Milsted Langdon’s IT partner Indigo can provide expert advice to support care and nursing homes in closing the digital divide for their residents with Indigo WiFi.

With Indigo WiFi, you can offer your residents, visitors and staff a legally compliant, safe and secure WiFi environment with appropriate filtering and blocking in place.

We can set up Indigo WiFi to provide separate networks for management, staff, residents and visitors and manage networks remotely, with zero risk of crossover or of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorised personnel.

We can also recommend mobile devices that will give residents the right equipment to enhance their online experience.

And Indigo WiFi is a great tool for building your online presence, by asking visitors to log on using their social media profiles, for example, liking you on

Facebook or following you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google+.

You can also use the visitor data collected by Indigo WiFi to promote events and share news.

How it works

We select a wireless router suitable for your needs or we can assess your current provision to see if integration is possible.

If you need more than one WiFi network, we’ll carry out the necessary setup, give you the log on information, set up your landing page and you’ll be ready to go.

The cost of our service is £25 +VAT per wireless access point or router per month, the equivalent of just 82p per day.

For a free survey of your premises and to discuss how Indigo WiFi could work for your care or nursing home, please contact David Watson on 0800 955 5345 or at ask@indigogroup.co.uk.