Xero Trade and Construction SpecialistAs a business which operates in the transport sector, you will undoubtedly face many of the same challenges and day-to-day problems as any other business.

However, many of our clients in the transport sector have specialist needs which are particular to this industry.

At Milsted Langdon, we have a long history of working with transport clients – ranging from waste disposal to storage and general haulage – in the South West and throughout the UK.

Whatever the nature, age, stage or size of your haulage business, we can provide tailored accountancy, tax and business advisory services which will ensure you meet the requirements of HM Revenue & Customs while also keeping your operations in excellent financial health.

We’ll advise you on ways to maximise tax efficiency and help you reduce your liabilities.

Were you over-charged for your fleet of lorries?

At Milsted Langdon, we have been successful in helping a number of hauliers claim money back on lorries that were leased or bought from a number of well-known manufacturers.

Following an investigation by the European Commission, it was discovered that a number of lorry manufacturers, including MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco and DAF had unlawfully colluded, for more than 14 years, to manipulate prices.

Such practices are in breach of rules which prohibit the creation of cartels and other ‘restrictive’ business practices and it has been estimated that between 1997 and 2011, around 10 million trucks were sold in the EU, with haulage clients being overcharged an average of £10,000 per vehicle.

At Milsted Langdon, our team of transport specialists have been assisting hauliers in preparing financial evidence to allow them to bring claims for compensation.

To find out how our team of transport accounting experts can assist your haulage business, please contact us.

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