Many charities now employ staff to carry out the day-to-day administration of the charity as well as those employees who deliver the services to the beneficiaries of the charity.

This can be a complex area to deal with as staff need to be paid and the correct tax and national insurance deducted and paid over to H M Revenue & Customs in the timescales set for all employers, regardless of whether the organisation is a charity or not.

In addition at the end of each tax year paperwork has to be issued to the employees for their own tax records and also returns made to H M Revenue & Customs.

You will not be surprised to learn that if any of these steps go wrong there is a financial cost in the form of penalties and interest payable to H M Revenue & Customs.

Many organisations now look  to outsource their payroll function to not only ease the administrative burden on the organisation but also to ensure that all compliance issues are dealt with at the appropriate time.

Milsted Langdon operates a payroll bureau service from our offices in Taunton which can provide a cost-effective solution to all your payroll needs.

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