Wealth management and estate planning

A caravan or holiday park business can be the source of substantial wealth. When that’s the case, taking care of your finances for the benefit of yourself and your family, now and in the future, is essential.

Our experienced Milsted Langdon team in BathBristolTaunton and Yeovil will identify ways to help you manage your tax affairs, including remuneration, pensions and investments, to maximise tax efficiency while remaining fully tax compliant.

Our advice will be tailored to your individual circumstances and, when it comes to investments, to your attitude to risk.

As well as looking after your wealth now, our estate planning experts will work with you to help minimise your inheritance tax liability without affecting your financial security in later life, using a range of options – including trusts, gifts and inheritance tax protection policies – and will help you put in place a well-drafted, flexible, tax-efficient will.

While minimising tax liabilities, you need to retain enough capital and income to give you a comfortable standard of living and we can assist you in making provision for yourself and your partner that takes into account potential changes to your housing, health and care needs in later life.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us.