Caravan and Holiday Parks

Specialist advisors to caravan and holiday parks

The peaceful locations of many holiday and caravan parks can, for many people, make the prospect of running such a business an attractive proposition.

The reality, as with any business, is that owning and running a holiday or caravan park involves challenges and risks as well as the potential for success, personal satisfaction and financial rewards.

We at Milsted Langdon, with offices in BathBristol, LondonTaunton and Yeovil, offer a range of accountancy, business support and tax services designed to support holiday and caravan parks in the South West and further afield.

Holiday and caravan parks face all the usual day to day issues involved in running a business and the leisure industry faces specific challenges, including a competitive marketplace and vulnerability to economic factors.

At Milsted Langdon, we understand these challenges. Whatever your business circumstances, we’ll provide expert advice and support to help you keep your holiday or caravan park in the best possible shape.

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