Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax can be a significant issue for people working in the property and construction sectors, who may build up substantial assets during their professional careers.

With the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold now frozen at £325,000 until the 2017-18 financial year, thousands more people are likely to be caught in the IHT net.

There are many exemptions and reliefs but taking advantage of them is not always easy and professional advice is essential to ensure that it is your loved ones who benefit from your hard work in the future, rather than HM Revenue & Customs.

At Milsted Langdon inBath,Bristol,Tauntonand Yeovil, we are experienced in advising property professionals and construction consultants on planning ahead to minimise their inheritance tax liability.

We are able to offer a range of inheritance tax solutions which can be used individually or in combination to provide personalised strategies designed to meet our clients’ inheritance tax planning objectives and circumstances. For more information, please contact us.