Keeping the cash flow on track

Your business plan will provide you with the route, but you also have to provide the financial resources required to fuel the progress of your business.

Just as you ensure that you have the correct fuel in your car and that it is serviced and maintained, it is essential that you fuel your business in the right way.

There are many types of finance available and many factors have an effect upon what is right for you. It is essential that you take an informed decision.

Three of the most common considerations are:

  • The cost of servicing – that is the associated fees and the interest rate – and the effect of repayments on cash flow
  • The nature of the asset and
  • The term of the loan

What is often overlooked is the return on capital – could you obtain a better return elsewhere or by doing things in a better way?

Whether you require working capital, “asset finance”, for instance for comparatively short term plant and machinery acquisitions, substantial, long term funds for the purchase of a farm or a major refurbishment of the dairy, or perhaps finance for a diversification project, we are able to assist you by providing detailed projections of costs and returns. Once you have your considered plan, we can then introduce you to sources of imaginative and cost-effective funding for virtually all of your requirements.

We are also able to advise you on any grants that may be available to you and the most appropriate structure for the proposed deal.

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