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At Milsted Langdon, we understand the challenges faced by you – the farmer of today.

As well as the practical aspects of the day-to-day running of the farming business, there are also ever increasing regulations, pressures brought to bear by environmentalists and animal welfare groups, the power of the supermarkets, the practical effects of farming, the challenges of Brexit and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations to name a few.

We also understand that there are particular challenges faced by young farmers and agricultural and rural start-ups.

At Milsted Langdon we can help with:

  • Bringing a fresh approach By bringing a fresh approach to your financial records we can make your bookkeeping really quick and easy
  • Providing the information you need By providing management and financial reports structured in the way that provides the information you need, we can help you make the most of your business
  • Helping you plan By helping you plan your business and produce business projections and forecasts so that you are able to monitor exactly how your business is progressing and take the critical decisions that have such a massive impact in times of change
  • Maximising tax efficiency By helping you to structure your business for both ease of management and the greatest tax efficiency so that you retain the largest possible proportion of your profits in your business to enable it to develop and grow
  • Making the most of opportunities By helping you if you are thinking about diversification and changing the business.  Our in-depth knowledge of the widest range of rural businesses enables us to provide you with the exact information that you need, exactly when you need it, so that you can be sure that you take the right decisions, avoid the tax traps that are so easy to fall into, and really do make the most of your assets
  • Planning for succession By helping you plan for succession, but at the same time maintaining the flexibility that you need in dealing with your business and assets, we can help you to protect those assets and ensure that your own future is secured
  • Dealing with financial compliance By easing the burden of administration as you would expect from a pre-eminent chartered accountancy practice
  • Supporting young farmers and agricultural start-ups By offering friendly, expert advice on a wide range of accounting and taxation issues to those starting out

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