Benefits of working with us

We welcome enthusiasm and innovative thinking from our staff. In return, we offer varied and challenging work, along with ongoing investment in, and support for, our people to help them achieve their full professional potential.

As well as drawing on the skills of our more experienced staff to deliver on-the-job training, we fund a wide range of external courses while our full-time, in-house IT trainer helps staff to develop their skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other programs.

Alongside an attractive and competitive salary, we provide employee benefits including loyalty-based holiday packages, childcare vouchers and optional contributory pension schemes.

We also offer a flexible approach to office hours. Our part-time staff work a range of different hours or short days.

If any of our staff need to go home early or come in late, for example because a tradesman is visiting, we are always happy to accommodate that if we can, as long as client service is not compromised.

This friendly and supportive working atmosphere also contributes to the wide range of staff activities that take place throughout the year.

Please note that preference will be given to candidates applying directly to Milsted Langdon rather than through a third party such as an agency.